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Home Prep List

A little preparation before we arrive will help make the process go smoothly and show your home at its best in the photos. This list may seem overwhelming but doing these things will really help your home stand out in the photographs to potential buyers.  Remember, if you can see it, the camera will pick it up in the photographs. Click here for a printable PDF.

The short and simple prep list is:

1) Hide all clutter.

2) Make sure that all bulbs within the same room are the same type, i.e., LED, incandescent etc. Replace light bulbs if necessary. This makes for better lighting and good lighting is essential.

Master Bed.jpg
Master Bath.jpg
Kitchen 2.jpg


  • Vacuum, sweep and mop all floors.

  • Clean windows inside and out.

  • Dust blinds and baseboards.

  • Empty all trash cans.

  • Turn on all lights, inside and out.

  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF.

  • Open blinds, shades and curtains.


  • Remove all vehicles from driveway and front of the house.

  • Sweep walkways.

  • Put all toys and bicycles away.

  • Store all hoses and garden tools.

  • Mow grass, rake up leaves, remove any dead plants.

  • Clean pool.

  • Remove pool sweep and pool toys.

  • Turn on pool lights.

  • Straighten lounge chairs.

  • Pick up after your pets.


  • Place all remotes out of sight.

  • Conceal exposed cables the best you can.

  • De-clutter fireplace mantle/hearth.

  • Remove clutter and personal items from bookshelves, tables and floor.

  • Dust and vacuum – dust will show in a photograph.

  • Straighten furniture pillows and remove toys.


  • Make the beds.

  • Pick up and put away all clothing and shoes.

  • Clear surfaces of clutter and dust.

  • Clear off the bedside tables/nightstands.

  • Store all phone/device charging cables.

  • Put excess toys out of sight.

  • Remove drawings, personalized names and posters from the walls.

  • Vacuum and straighten up overall.


  • Clear off counters of any toiletries.

  • Remove children’s bath toys and toiletries from tub and shower.

  • Hang fresh towels on the towel bars making sure they are straight and neat.

  • Close all toilet lids.

  • Clean mirrors, counters, floors and shower doors.

  • Hide toilet brush, trash can and plunger from sight.


  • Clear off table.

  • Dust furniture and vacuum floors.

  • Make sure the inside of the china cabinet is neat and tidy.

  • Set the table if you would like. 


  • Remove all items from refrigerator doors and sides.

  • Put small appliances, knife blocks and kitchen gadgets away and off the counters.

  • Clear counters of food, personal items, and stacks of mail etc.

  • Clear sink of dishes and put away draining rack.

  • Organize items on any open shelves.

  • Clean all major appliances.

  • Move trash cans out of sight.

  • Remove all dish soap, wash rags, and paper towels from sink and counters.

  • Wipe down all countertops and tables.


  • Place food and water bowls out of sight.

  • Remove pet hair from furniture and blankets.

  • Contain pets in hidden crate or outside.

  • Place pet beds and toys out of sight.


  • Remove all clutter.

  • Organize any open shelving.

  • Remove any laundry baskets, bags, etc.

  • Clean appliances and floors.

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